"Awesome staff, great service"

Alberto A.

August 25th 2021

"Very friendly people and very helpful... Love the lil dog JAKE.... "

Bridget Moore


"Got my van back in action in a day & 1/2. Great work, very little down time!! Thank you Lynchburg Transmissions"

Tom Grimes


"Brought in our van due to the transmission shifting roughly. They listened closely to my issues. They tested and determined it was fine. Even did a relearn procedure for FREE. I would like to add that I purchased the can used a couple months prior and it was under warranty from the seller. I encouraged the shop to fix or replace the transmissions if they had any doubts. They did not find any work to be done. These guys are honest and great. I will be back"

Keith Jacks


"Had my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokees transmission rebuilt. Great job, great service and the jeep is running like new. Staff was very helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this service center. "

Robert Dozier


"Honest. Truck stuck in 4wd. They were able to correct it. Only charged for tow. Will return."

John Mason


"While traveling from Florida to Michigan, and visiting daughter for a few days in Virginia, trans went out in Motor Home. Within a couple days it was in shop and a couple more, was rebuilt and on our way! So appreciative and thankful!"

Debra Vanderploeg

June 2021

"I personally have not had work done here yet, but I did get an estimate and the owner/manager was knowledgeable and friendly. The price estimate seemed fair as well. "



"Had them work on my Sprinter van's transmission and rear end. They did a great job. Friendly service and they really know their stuff. Very glad I found them!"

Scott Schleh


"Great quality work. Done on time. At the promised price. What more do you need?"

Mark Colkitt


"I cannot say enough good things about Lynchburg Transmission. They are ALWAYS willing to help, are kind and very knowledgeable. I will not trust anyone else in Lynchburg with my car but them."

Leah Cribb


"Excellent and honest service. Was treated very well and would gladly come back here for service!"

Ian Pasquarelli


"The people here seem to be good honest people, they replaced my clutch for an affordable price in a very timely fashion. When I returned to them for other electrical issues they admitted that it was a complex problem and they would probably end up changing a lot of parts out in order to find the problem. Instead of taking the job and taking all my money they call Warren on wards and informed me that he was one of the best when it comes to electrical issues. Warren ended up having to replace more parts and spend more time then planned but only charged me for the original price quote."

Joey Saunders


"The secretary is great. I asked a lot of questions and she answered all of them...I have a 2000 celica 5 speed and they put top of the line clutch kit in it no cheap stuff. Price was a little steep but the professionalism and willingness to answer any and every question makes it worth it!"

Dennis Zuniga Jr


"I had my 1964 Pontiac Catalina's transmission swapped to a turbo 400. The man who worked on my car Rob (I think he is the owner) was very easy to work with and he catered to my every requirement and was very careful and considerate of my vehicle. I highly recommend this shop to anyone with transmission troubles. the only negative aspect of my experience was the amount of time it took until I got my car back. My car sat on their lot for a solid two weeks, and the actual transmission swap took about a week and a half. Now I understand that there were daily drivers that needed to be worked on before my car, however I still think that a month is too long. They made up for it with the price and the quality of the work. Still highly recommend this shop."

Kevin Thorkildsen


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